Armagideon Time

All my AROOOO-dy friends

March 5th, 2020

And before you jump into the comments and ask, Johnny Cash is canonically a vampire.

5 Responses to “All my AROOOO-dy friends”

  1. Zeno

    More than one of these creatures has appeared on at least one Krofft-produced show at least once. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

  2. EAG46

    I agree, Johnny Cash = vampire.

  3. SJB

    He haw hilarious (and not just cause of Roy Clark)

  4. Ward Hill Terry

    I saw a werewolf drinking a rum and coke at The Bluebird Cafe, and his hair was perfect, Awooooo, Werewolves of Nashville.

  5. Snark Shark

    ” Johnny Cash is canonically a vampire”

    He’s wearing all that black for a REASON, after all.

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