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All my AROOOO-dy friends

March 5th, 2020

And before you jump into the comments and ask, Johnny Cash is canonically a vampire.

“So what’s the assignment, again?” “A wereshark. Like a werewolf, but a shark.” “So is it like a special-looking shark or something?” “No, it looks like a regular shark, though the art has to express the ‘were’ part. You’re smart. You’ll figure it out. Oh, and I need it on my desk at eight tomorrow […]

(from “Moonlight and Laughter” by C. Barret Andrews, pilule Stuart Hopen and Jess Jodloman in The Unexpected #194, December 1979) Pretty amazing panel, isn’t it? Too bad it took twenty-odd pages of poorly paced wheel-spinning about relationship issues, Madame Xanadu’s retail contacts, and the sad life of a stand-up comedian to get there. Recommended listening: […]

Funnybook fans of a certain age might remember this cover for Super Friends #28 (January 1980)…

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