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All my AROOOO-dy friends

March 5th, 2020

And before you jump into the comments and ask, Johnny Cash is canonically a vampire.

Knowin’ what to keep

September 20th, 2018

On a warm summer’s eve On a shuttle bound for the outlet mall I met up with the tailor We were both too tired to sleep So we took turns a-starin’ Out the window at the Tire Center The boredom overtook us, And he began to speak He said, “Son, I’ve made a life Out […]

The undiscovered country

February 2nd, 2016

It wasn’t the sweat-reeking mix of overconfidence and pleading desperation that baffled me. Nor was it the hand-written scrawl passing as a professional pitch or teaser lyrics that evoke more pathos than pop potential. Those all tend to be a common element in these paid-placement bids to bypass the the big label gatekeepers, though turning […]

You can tell a speculative bubble has reached maximum inflation when its associated schemes pass from “arguably viable” to “desperately bizarre.” How do you feed the windfall-hungry beast when all the low-hanging fruit has already been plucked? In the late 1920s, it was through shady investment schemes centered around fabulist pipe dreams. In early 2000s, […]

Our classy history: War on 45

September 26th, 2011

I’ve been hearing a lot of defeatist talk lately. “America has lost its spark.” “This country is past her prime.” Bullhockey, pilule I say!  Times may be tough, but we as a nation can rise above these difficulties if we stand proud and reaffirm our core principles… …specifically the one which states that there is […]

To the town of Fawcett City strode a tiger one fine day… For the tiger there among them had a big iron on his hip…

For better or worse, mycoplasmosis superheroes are fundamentally high concept in nature. That’s not to say the genre can’t support sophisticated or nuanced storytelling, but its enduring appeal rests on the elegantly simple draw of dudes in colorful costumes beating on each other. As such, superhero material tends to be painted in broad, reductive strokes. […]

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