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In the haunted realm of Romania, it is said that a wolfman who dies shall return as to wreak evil as a vampire. In the blighted hellscape of Hollywood, it is documented fact that an Altman cursed by a career-ending catastrophe….

…shall return a few years later as Count Downula, to plague Solid Gold viewers with hacky comedy routines between interpretive dance numbers based on the week’s top pop singles.

Some vampires can’t cross running water. Count Downula couldn’t say no whenever his agent called and said “I’ve got an offer, buuuuuutttt…”

Recommended listening:

Look, I won’t pull some contrarian revisionism and claim Pink Lady and Jeff wasn’t one of the most bizarre (and borderline offensive) misfires ever broadcast on network television. I will say, however, that this opening number is so utterly, in-the-moment perfect that it almost justifies the rest of the misguided fiasco.

6 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Day 14 – Flop sweat of the damned”

  1. Juan Escondido

    Pretty certain I had one of those male backup dancers when I was a kid. He was two feet tall, made of plastic, and his fists shot off.

  2. SJB

    I feel like I need to turn in my pop culture cred card. I have no memory of this AND it was a Sid and Marty Krofft production…Youtube here I come

  3. Bill the Splut

    About 10 years ago I blogged about this very episode. I will say nothing further than it inspired me to make this:

  4. bitterandrew


  5. Bill the Splut

    My very old review of this ep is at the post from 10/14, not too far down on my “I learned html is 1997 and then gave up” page. It was inspired by the works of Jane Austen. I loved Kei and Mie, but goldang did I hate everything else but them. In my defense, I had watched all 4 previous eps, with the kimono ripping and Sumo Guy and Art Nuvo and the corpse audience, so I basically was a gibbering shambling husk at this point.

  6. Jon H

    I’m kind of surprised they haven’t found some d-list K-pop duo to bring over and try this again.

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