Armagideon Time

Poor misbegotten creature. He only crawled out of his lair to catch a Guided By Voices show and maybe hit up that new barcade down the block for some craft brews and Ms. Pac-Man.

Little did he realize that he would be attacked by a mob who thought Monster was the best R.E.M. album, and did not care that he had seen the band perform at State Theatre in Kalamazoo — with The Three O’Clock as openers — on the Fables of the Reconstruction tour.

His last thoughts were of his collection of antique bowler hats, and regretted he had not worn the crimson one with the white satin band more often.

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One Response to “Halloween Countdown: Day 27 – Wielding pitchforks”

  1. SJB

    So much to laugh our, reflect back on myself, and still stand by “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” as a good REM tune…but lordy of course Fables of the Reconstruction is their best album

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