Armagideon Time

…and so we reach the final movement of this year’s danse macabre.

It was a bit skeletal as far as content went, but my real purpose was to see if I still had it in me to stick to a daily schedule, even if only for a month. I apparently do, though I have no idea what I’ll do with this knowledge.

For now, I’m going to kick back and enjoy today’s dark celebration.

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4 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Day 31 – Still the moon shows no light”

  1. Crowded House

    Thanks for the ride and Happy Halloween!

  2. Juan Escondido

    As much as I have loved the longer posts over the years (I will always be grateful for the HC back in 2018, the year my mother died in early September), the short ones are great too. For me, it’s as much the ritual of checking in daily, reading the mouse-over gags, and seeing which track you picked. The ritual doesn’t have to be long or complex to be powerful. Thank you for inviting us once more to worship at the Church for Spooky Kids.

  3. Jon H

    Always felt they made those Martian bugs too small.

  4. SJB

    + 1 to Juan Escondido

    And oh man, I have still not been able to watch much of Straight to Hell. Maybe I will give it a go again

    Don’t make us wait until next year!

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