Armagideon Time

All Hallows’ Eve has arrived, and with it comes the conclusion of this regrettably interrupted countdown to doom.

The two week break did give me a chance to sample a bunch of seasonal distractions I wouldn’t normally have had the time for, though yesterday’s snowfall really harshed the high autumnal buzz I’d been experiencing once it was clear the Kid was out of the woods, medically speaking.

Oh, well, it wouldn’t really be 2020 without a wrench (or three) tossed into the works. The spooky season loses some mystique after nine months of existential terror.

Recommended listening: UK Decay – The Last in the House of Flames (from For Madmen Only, 1981)

Just be sure to scatter the ashes when you leave.

3 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Day 31 – Pyre and pyre”

  1. Jordan Levells

    Happy Halloween, Andrew! Glad your kid’s in good health.

  2. Juan Escondido

    Happy Halloween, one day late! I hope everyone is back to normal and that New England goes easy on us all this winter, weather-wise.

  3. Pedro de Pacas

    I hope we all can have a bit of recharge as we head into the new year… dear god.

    When you are ready, we will all be happy to read. Until then, all the best to you and yours.

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