Armagideon Time

I’m not what form the Halloween Countdown will take this year.

A deadly plague is sweeping a world already pushed to the brink of hysteria. Meanwhile, your humble narrator has spent the last six months walled up in his ancient New England manse, surrounded by dusty artifacts of bygone ages. His body still suffers the lingering debilitation from the dread disease, while his overstimulated mind burns with odd and pointless manias.

I doubt Edgar Allan Poe himself could do anything with such material.

Yet custom must be observed, and so I open the doors of my vault to you poor wandering souls. I entreat you to tread lightly, for my ears are not accustomed to the noise.

Recommended listening: Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion! – Least of All Monsters (from Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion, 2020)

A rip-rockin’ local act whose surf-horror stylings caught the attention of the macabre Maura, who added this LP to our collection of cursed discs.

One Response to “Halloween Countdown: Day 1 – Ushering it in”

  1. Juan Escondido

    The Halloween Countdown has been a tradition in my life for over a decade now. It’s gotten me through strife at work, ill health, and a parent’s death. That’s a lot of freight to heap on wise-assedly captioned ephemera and postpunk deep cuts, I know, but your raft of bones has never capsized, and it always gets me where I need to go.

    For me, at least, every time you do one of these outlets, you are creating joy. Dark, spectral, necrotic joy, admitted, but isn’t that the best kind?

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