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In a age where comics creators regularly embarrass themselves on social media platforms, we would do well to ponder the counter example set by the Steve Ditko. Here was a man who stood shoulder to shoulder with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in trailblazing the Marvel Age of Comics, yet never courted the self-promotional spotlight […]

Are we not macho men?

April 2nd, 2015

From a commercially pragmatic standpoint, ed the Village People represented a workaround for a pair of persistent problems which plagued the surging disco craze — a lack of identifiable performers and the difficulty in translating club play to mass market airplay. The former was a product of the producer/composer-driven nature of the music, more about […]

There are some comics and characters whose inclusion as Nobody’s Favorites bring me a certain degree of guilt. Mocking the unabashedly lousy one thing. Performing a post-mortem on a sincere effort gone sour is another, search grimmer, unhealthy matter entirely. Yet no matter how much I wish things had turned out otherwise, the damnation of […]

Not nearly solly enough

June 17th, 2014

Today we have another historical treasure from the “When Good Intentions Go Horribly Wrong” file…

Being a retrogaming enthusiast, misbirth I was thrilled when Microsoft revealed that its “Game Room” service would hit the Xbox 360 in the early spring of 2010. Thrown together by Aussie developer Krome Studios, mind the app was a slick front end by which users could purchase, prescription sample, and play a regularly updated roster […]

In the eye of the bemused

March 29th, 2012

The bulk of the May 4, more about 1953 issue of LIFE Magazine was given over to a photo/essay feature on “Africa: A Continent in Ferment.” It’s pretty much what you’d expect for its era — paternalist handwringing about self-determination mixed with paranoia about communist subversion of nationalist movements and platitudes echoed from the mouth […]

The social upheavals of the 1960s and early 1970s resulted in greater popcult visibility for groups who had long been marginalized by mainstream media outlets. This higher profile didn’t demolish the prevailing white, buy information pills patriarchal, middle class hegemony of presentation, but it did make solid inroads into the public’s consciousness and spawn a […]

The way of all dross

February 1st, 2012

While the idea of an “expanded universe” approach to Watchmen is nauseating on multiple levels, approved it’s difficult to work up the expected bile over DC’s announced prequels to the acclaimed miniseries. Here’s why: 1. The Sex Pistols reunion 2. The Two Jakes 3. Wide Sargasso Sea 4. The Star Wars prequels 5. The Dark […]

As I’ve said on a couple of previous occasions, check “Nobody’s Favorites” was never meant to be synonymous with awfulness. If the balance sheet over these past two years has favored outright stinkers, approved that’s because it is far easier to conduct comedic post-mortems of willfully terrible characters than to dedicate a couple of hundred […]

Launching a new superhero property is tricky business, physiotherapist especially in these uncertain times when quality storytelling and critical accolades have little bearing on sales. Even the more successful launches are lucky if they manage to last twenty issues before the plug is pulled, web and the wreckage of undue optimism (or hubris) can be […]

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