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Then playing

November 7th, 2019

Maura and I spent a good part of the summer of 2018 clearing out my grandmother’s attic of anything I possibly wanted to keep. There were fewer items on that front than I’d anticipated, though the prospect of shifting heavy crates in the sweltering heat tended to override most feelings of materialistic sentimentality. The most […]

An 1982 article about John Carpenter’s reaction to The Thing‘s disappointing box office results has been making the social media rounds, with all the “what fools those ancients were” commentary one has come to expect on these occasions. The gist of it is true. The movie — along with fellow Class of ’82 alums Tron […]

The above excerpt from the August 19, 1957 issue of Billboard covers what was probably the single most important trigger for the “monstermania” of the late Fifties and early Sixties. Running cinematic releases over the airwaves was a contentious subject during the early years of television. Movie studios, already feeling squeezed on multiple fronts, were […]

Drive in, nod off

May 26th, 2017

During the social media hub-bub surrounding the fortieth anniversary of Star Wars’ cinematic debut, some folks in my circle recalled the various venues where they first beheld the film. It was much more interesting than the discussions about the franchise itself, which has been all but talked to death at this point. I can remember […]

A half-life in film

March 27th, 2017

There’s a new Twitter meme making the rounds where folks pick a favorite movie from each year of their life. Such a list would be unwieldy enough for a millennial kid, never mind someone with as many miles as I have on the ol’ temporal odometer. I made it about a decade in before realizing […]

I didn’t set foot into a proper movie theater until I was eight years old, when my aunt took my brother and I to see The Black Stallion at the multiplex across the highway from the North Woburn shopping plaza. Up until (and even for a few years after) then, the entirety of my big […]

Be unkind, rewind

November 3rd, 2015

The mid-1980s were a time I loathed and loved in equal measure. They were my junior high years, pills chock full of the adolescent angst, outbursts, and agony which mark the transition from tweener to teenager. Nearly every memory of that period makes me reflexively cringe, yet there were plenty of good experiences mixed in […]

A new wave of cinematic horror is on the shag-carpeted horizon, and the letters page of The Witching Hour #54 (April 1975) is there to provide all the pertinent details: That’s quite the fascinating snapshot into the realm of genre flicks prior to the 1977 paradigm shift, even if some the writer’s descriptions for the […]

Where I treat spooky season movie viewing as a cable TV catch-as-catch-can affair, my wife has a meticulously curated list of essential films staggered across October’s weekends. Some of her selections are once or twice only affairs, but most are drawn from a core curriculum of her perennial favorites listed below: Prince of Darkness (1987)* […]

Block busting beats

February 20th, 2015

I’m no quantum physicist, medicine but I suspect this ad…. …comes from an alternate universe where “blockbuster” means something very different than it does in ours. (Yeah, Stargate did better box office than anyone — including its producers — predicted, but it took a syndicated TV show with The Guy Former Known As MacGyver for […]

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