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“When I finally get around to my Crisis on Infinite Earths post..”

What began as a mixture of threat and promise has become something of a personal in-joke over the past few years, lofty ambitions colliding with the reality of my protracted disengagement with this site.

Between you and me, writing is something I do when I can’t do what I’d rather be doing instead. This site was born from the need to kill time, but things have changed dramatically over the course of fifteen (oh fuck that can’t be right) years. Blocking out ninety minutes for a stream-of-consciousness shitpost has become nigh impossible, never mind trying to sustain a continuing feature or conscientiously composed piece of serious analysis.

Yet for all the hemming and hawing and delays, I never doubted my big steaming take about DC’s multiverse-shaking maxiseries would ever see the light of day. In fact, the determination only made the task much more daunting. This was going to be an important project (by my standards, at least), and which meant doing it properly.

No half-assing. No tangential turns. No near-misses with the assumption I’d eventually return for another run on the target. In short, none of the shit I used to excuse the fire-and-forget methodology which characterized my previous takes on Crisis and, well, everything else I’ve babbled about on this site.

This meant doing research, making an outline, and all that other shit I thought I put behind me when I engineered my expulsion from grad school twenty-five years ago. Y’know, actual work, and in carrying it out I came to realize that the subject would require more than just a single hyper-longform essay to address as I wanted to address it.

For reasons I’ll get into over the course of this series, Crisis on Infinite Earths is very near and dear to my heart. It’s probably my favorite superhero story/series/epic ever, and that goes beyond what’s contained on its individual pages. The desire to do justice to the subject was a big component of my years of procrastination.

And now I’m ready. Or as ready as I’ll ever get. Consider this post the last second equivocations of someone about to make their first dive off La Quebrada. It’s time to make the leap and hope I stick the landing.

So far, it’s shaping up to be around five installment, dropping on a weekly basis.

7 Responses to “The Crisis Post: Prelude – In the beginning”

  1. Zeno

    (pulls out TPB’s, pulls up chair) Bring it on!

  2. Adam Ford

    v. excited.

  3. candidgamera

    Looking forward to it! Crisis was one of the things that cemented my early comics fandom, I just saw all those characters and was driven to find out more about them.

  4. snarkout

    Oh man. Age-appropriate me was a Marvel fan when Crisis happened, so I’m looking forward to this!

  5. Pete

    Looking forward to this! COIE is my favorite comic book story of all time as well. I was lucky enough to have just started collecting comincs seriously a few months before the first issue came out (fall of 1984), so I was there at the beginning and yet not knowing much about what was to come. It lived up to the hype as far as I was concerned.

  6. Gabe

    Looking forward to this. Crisis is my favorite series of all time. Bought it off the stands as it came out.

  7. Lord Mýk

    Also looking forward to this! Was a little too young to experience it firsthand but I’ve since read the trade multiple times so it’ll be nice to put it into some sort of cultural context.

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