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Twenty-twenty hindsight

December 31st, 2020

My plans to come roaring back after the Halloween Countdown didn’t pan out, but the time wasn’t entirely wasted. The world is awash in ill-conceived takes forged from bullshit and claims of unearned authority. Instead of joining that yowling chorus, I’ve decided it’s better to speak only when I have something to say. (On this platform, at least. I still shitpost like a motherfucker on twitter.)

This past year might have been a garbage fire on so many fronts, but it did give me a chance to step back and experience many things that I hadn’t had the time to experience otherwise. When shit went down and it became apparent that the new pandemic lifestyle wasn’t going to be a six week deal, I vowed that I wasn’t going to spend it grinding for nonsense in some live-service timewaster of a videogame.

I watched lousy made-for-TV movies from the 1970s. I hunted down bizarre retro obscurities on streaming sites. I leafed through directories of prime time TV series and Eurospy films and forgotten arcade games. I dived back into half-remembered favorites from the PS1 and Sega Saturn era. I assembled oddball runs of personally significant funnybooks for binding.

Most importantly, I’ve been doing all this without feeling the urge to log into this site and vomit forth my immediate impressions about these things. I let the hodge-podge of theories and ideas and reactions simmer while I enjoyed them (or despised them) in the now. While regaining a sense of discipline in regards to posting might be something of a struggle, whatever does come out of it will likely be stronger for the pause.

Anyway, I hope your 2020 wasn’t too much of an ordeal, and let’s hold out a glimmer of hope 2021 will be brighter for us all.

Oh, and here’s Dani, who legally became my daughter just before Thanksgiving.

10 Responses to “Twenty-twenty hindsight”

  1. Bully

    Happy New Year, Andrew.

  2. Jon H

    Congratulations on the adoption and Happy New Year!

  3. Randy S

    Hoping we all have a better year. Thanks for all you do, Andrew.

  4. Crowded House

    Congrats and Happy New Year Andrew!

  5. EAG46

    Here’s to a 2021 that is kinder to all of us. And Mazel Tov on the adoption.

  6. SJB


  7. Scott R

    Congratulations on the adoption! Best wishes for 2021.

  8. Radoye

    Congrats, and a Happy New Year!

  9. Jason-L

    Really happy about the adoption and that you’re taking “you” time. Miss your takes on things, but would rather you be in a good place than a bad one spent posting here.

  10. Juan Escondido

    Happy New Year to your entire family, human and nonhuman alike. I hope 2021 sends good luck to all of you.

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