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Winners and losers

April 26th, 2016

My plans to sustain last week’s productive streak have been temporarily derailed by Mother Nature trying to make my skull explode and my senile beagle-boxer’s transformation into a slathering hellbeast when we took her in for her annual checkup. (No one puts a muzzle on Addy, not unless they want to add “three-fingered” as an […]

The most horrible bling

April 13th, 2016

I have learned though painstaking research (and painful experience) that there is no absolute nadir when it comes to the 1990s comics scene. Whenever you think you’ve reached the bottom of that tomb of four-color horrors, the ground beneath you gives way and plunges you into an even more fetid sub-basement. Case in point: I […]

Time X

April 11th, 2016

Say, kids, what time is it? It’s crappy merchandising time (which, to be honest, is all the time in the fetid realm of geekdom)! At first glance, the above ad from a 1993 issue of Wizard appears to be just another pitch for some overpriced licensed garbage. Puzzling, but hardly remarkable for an era where […]

Foul sorcery for a foul era

April 8th, 2016

I’ve done deep periodical dives into the realms of 1950s Cold War paranoia, the 1970s music industry and 1980s videogame culture, but never has the past felt like another country as much as it did when I delved into a run of Wizard Magazine from the height of the 1990s comics bubble. The “Terrible ’90s” […]

Spend enough time in places where geeky sorts tend to congregate and you will eventually overhear (or — worse — be drawn into) a boisterous round of “fantasy casting, more ” in which the participants put forth the “ideal” celebrities to play specific characters in a hypothetical movie based on an existing property. These discussions […]

The unexpected return of long-neglected feature is due in part to Dauntless Dave Lartigue, tooth who called upon my trash culture archivist skills while researching this sanity-blasting postmortem on a justly forgotten fragment of Chromium Age hubris. It was during my efforts to bracket the dates for any relevant info that I uncovered a poignant […]

The final days of 2011 are upon us (and the clanging sounds emanating from Mt. Misery just before midnight on Saturday will be me and my trusty shovel ensuring this torturous year has been properly laid to rest), thumb so it only seems fitting that we rewind the clock back to January 2003 and take […]

Humanity has grappled with some pretty tough questions, esophagitis but few tougher than the age-old conundrum of “How can best protect my holofoil variant gatefold limited edition copy of Prophet #1 from time’s entropic caresses?” A weighty puzzle, web indeed, ask and one which has stumped generations of archivists and other curators of our species’ […]

November is National Novel Writing Month, drugs a time when aspiring scribes indulge in a mad dash to generate 50, more about 000 words of sloppily rendered prose. It’s a lot like those free-writing exercises from the Intro to Creative Writing class every humanities major takes as an elective, info only minus a guiding hand […]

Rejoice, epilepsy true disbelievers in a just and ordered universe! Armagideon Time’s weekly exploration of the self-serving periodical manifestation of the fanboy id has returned from an extended hiatus to blast your brain cells with what could very well be the most 1990s comics contest ever… …which ran in the August 1994 issue of late, […]

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