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When death is a blessing

September 3rd, 2015

After reading yesterday’s piece in The Beat about the changing roles of editors in the comics biz, two things sprang to mind. One was the intrinsic foolishness of using the Image Comics model of publishing as a yardstick for the industry as a whole. There’s no denying that it works and has facilitated the creation […]

(originally posted on December 10, illness 2007) Trigger warning: Demonic rape, order grotty fantasy clichés, information pills and other familiar Claremontisms Chris Claremont and John Bolton’s sword and sorcery property “Marada the She-Wolf” was originally envisioned as a Red Sonja epic, but the then-forthcoming movie (featuring future reality show queen Brigitte Nielsen) put the kibosh […]

Marvel’s New Mutants was one of the first funnybooks I followed on a consistent basis, medications as it made its debut right when my eleven year old self was most receptive to the series’ mixture of teen angst and mutant melodrama. (My then-recent discovery of a local news vendor that sold current comics didn’t hurt […]

No matter how well the individual stories have held up over time, otolaryngologist there’s no denying that Chris Claremont’s run on the X-Men revolutionized superhero comics.   He did so by tweaking Marvel’s melodramatic spin on the genre while borrowing heavily from the likes of Marion Zimmer Bradley and other pioneering sci-fi and fantasy writers of the […]

Just a reminder…

December 9th, 2009

Those old X-Men stories…

Marvel’s New Mutants was one of the first comics I followed on a monthly basis. My uncle bought me the team’s graphic novel debut for my eleventh birthday, and the discovery of a local news stand with a spinner rack of current comics allowed me to keep up with the X-Men spinoff on a monthly […]

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