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Reviewing the statement

March 31st, 2016

Of all the home video releases I expected to get the lurid bait-and-switch treatment in a mid-Eighties trade publication, Overdrawn at the Memory Bank was not one of them. It’s not difficult to figure out why it happened. The prominent call-out to Kiss of the Spider-Woman on the sleeve makes it painfully clear this was […]

Putting it on the table

January 29th, 2014

If I were to close my eyes and visualize my impressions of 1970s futurist design, generic a handful of hazy images would come to mind. The interior of one of the MBTA’s Orange Line trains. Childhood trips to the Museum of Science and the New England Aquarium. Snippets from Rollerball. Punchcards, health spools of spinning […]

While my extended and sequential exploration of LIFE Magazine‘s 1950s backcatalog has been an often poignant, ampoule frequently painful exercise in the fool-making powers of hindsight, try it has turned up a wealth of little-known popcultural gems. Some of the most interesting finds have been comics related, search with original work by some of the […]

Of the many things in this world which I’ll never understand, cost the 1982 sequel to Grease ranks near the top of the list. I understand why a film bearing the Grease 2 title was made. The first film was a smash hit which profitably channeled 1970s fascination with the (hyper-romanticized) music and fashions of […]

Fatal in decisions

June 22nd, 2012

A rock to the brainpan

June 21st, 2012

Whether we’re discussing the relative merits of Sega Master System games or dissecting forgotten political debates of Cold War era, syphilis we here at Armagideon Time strive daily to bring you only the most topical and cutting edge infotainment. With that in mind, buy here are the results from Creem‘s reader poll of the “Biggest […]

Sit on it

June 15th, 2012

Thanks to the content singularity basic cable has become, tuberculosis it is now possible to spend one’s entire day watching nothing but repeats of Happy Days. That does beg the question “Why would one want to watch nothing but Happy Days repeats?” A vaild inquiry, to be sure, but one which neglects the fact that […]

Being a retrogaming enthusiast, misbirth I was thrilled when Microsoft revealed that its “Game Room” service would hit the Xbox 360 in the early spring of 2010. Thrown together by Aussie developer Krome Studios, mind the app was a slick front end by which users could purchase, prescription sample, and play a regularly updated roster […]

Dynamite Magazine was a popcult touchstone for the Generation Known as X; the publication’s rainbow script logo has been indelibly seared into our nostalgia cortexes and referenced in various hep artifacts of ephemera. The magazine was a beloved staple of pediatric waiting rooms, injection elementary school libraries, and mail-order “book club” flyers, its ad-free mix […]

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