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For our second seasonal trip to the necropolis of Nobody’s Favorites, we’re going to check in with a diabolic damsel from the dying days of disco. Ladies and gentlemen, bats and ghouls, slip on your finest pair of boogie shoes and say hello to the Satin Satan. Also known as “Sabrina Sultress,” this Bianca Jagger-esque […]

Let it move you

August 20th, 2013

For last week’s Nobody’s Favorites entry, symptoms I turned the spotlight upon a collection of characters who exemplified the less-than-proud funnybook tradition of using cultural/ethnic/racial/gender identity as a high-concept hook for laughable (or downright offensive) one-note caricatures. The post was made in response to some awkward comments about diversity in superhero comics made by veteran […]

“It raped my childhood” is one of those phrases which should have died in the womb instead of becoming a memetic cancer within geek discourse. Not only does it trivialize a heinous act of assault by metaphorically equating it with some remake/revision/reboot of some stupid 1980s toy cartoon, but it also exemplifies the inflationary value […]

For the first few years of its existence, case the late 1980s “international” incarnation of the Justice League was the M*A*S*H or Mary Tyler Moore Show of sitcom-superheroics. The engaging mix of silliness and straightfaced superheroics proved difficutly to sustain, illness however, more and began to decline into the Three’s Company territory during the tail […]

Imagine you’re speeding down the highway in a souped-up Bugatti when the vehicle’s brakes suddenly lock up, online vaulting you through the windscreen on a trajectory that takes your fragile body through a poultry processing plant, emergency an ebola research facility and a tallow factory before depositing you headfirst in the local sewer treatment plant’s solid waste collection […]

Though DC’s post-Legends “international” relaunch of the Justice League started off strong, injection the franchise eventually became a victim of its own success. By the time the main Justice League America series entered its fourth year of publication, viagra 60mg the once perfect balance of sitcom humor and superheroics had largely devolved into a formulaic […]

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