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May 2nd, 2019

I have read a lot of dystopian fiction in my forty-seven years. Some of it has been good, a lot of it has been terrible, but none of it has been as utterly disturbing as the copy from this International Paper Company ad… But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was […]

The above excerpt from the August 19, 1957 issue of Billboard covers what was probably the single most important trigger for the “monstermania” of the late Fifties and early Sixties. Running cinematic releases over the airwaves was a contentious subject during the early years of television. Movie studios, already feeling squeezed on multiple fronts, were […]

I had an ambivalent relationship with spooky stuff as a kid. It was equal parts fascination and terror, and favored bite-sized doses over longer-form material. I didn’t have the patience to read novels or watch a full-length movie, so most of my chills and thrills came from various Scholastic Book Club anthologies, various clip shows, […]

In the last installment of this feature, I talked about the giddy accumulation of stuff which comes when one dives head-first into a new hobby. This week, I’m going to discuss a regrettable adjunct to that strain of over-exuberant consumption — the signal-to-noise ratio which causes the occasional jewel to get lost amidst the torrent […]

The photo above depicts two specimens of the strange and terrifying species of creature which has figured into so many topical horror stories as of late. He was the second child of a family of six that grew up in a house full of firearms with a septic tank and a chicken coop out back. […]

With the advent of the Comics Code Authority, the gleefully grisly depictions of poetic justice dispensed in the pages of EC comics and their competitors were taken off the creative table. Still, it didn’t stop some publishers from trying to work the spooky irony angle within the Code’s strict limitations… (from “Great Caesar’s Ghost!” by […]

In a comment on the first post in this series, approved reader Damanoid questioned whether Fawcett’s decision to incorporate horror-themed elements into early 1950s Captain Marvel Adventure stories was a consciously mercenary move or simply a case of the creators surfing the prevailing zeitgeist. I do believe the “Cap goes horror” trend has been a […]

Our exploration of Fawcett’s attempts book a seat for their flagship character on the early 1950s horror comic bandwagon continues this week with with a tale titled “Hand of Horror.” The story appeared in Captain Marvel Adventures #140 (January 1953) alongside a much more ambitiously bizarre (and racist) mixture of Korean War agitprop and supernatural […]

Resident Evil wasn’t the first game I bought for the original Playstation — that honor goes to Persona — but it did round out a much-played second tier roster of titles (including Tomb Raider and WipeOut 2) that exemplifed the Bold New Polygonal World of Gaming. Despite the clunky controls and Community Theater of the […]

Sometime during the spring of 1991, visit my brother asked me if I was interested in a used TurboGrax-16 console. The seller was my cousin Phil, who had rented the system and a selection of games from the local sports-cards-slash-videogame shop. Phil had hazarded a king’s ransom of compounded late fees versus the likelihood the […]

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