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Phoning it in

July 5th, 2016

I’m sure you’ve heard the story: In 1982, Atari and its corporate parent company Warner Communications were so blinded by record profits and institutional hubris that they failed to see the growing structural weakness in what was essentially a fad-driven economic bubble. Having scored the lucrative licenses to release both a home port of Pac-Man […]

Control freakout

June 23rd, 2016

I’ll get back to answering your questions next week, but today I’d like to reminisce about a cherished childhood companion… …the Pointmaster. The the flight-stick modeled 2600 controller was Discwasher’s attempt to branch out from stereo accessories into the then-lucrative realm of home videogames. It was heavily advertised in Boys Life, where is how it […]

It’s October 1982. The leaves have begun falling from the trees and the big marketing push for the coming holiday season has started to rev into high gear. Home videogame systems are this year’s Big Thing. Atari is still the overvalued champion in that realm, but the field has been getting dangerously crowded. Not only […]

When I hit upon the idea of doing Growing Up 2600 as a successor to my SMS Saturdays feature, buy I felt certain I would never run out of usable material. The Atari Age — the period between 1978 and 1985 — encompassed a sizable chunk of my formative years. It was a time when […]

During the peak of the 2600 console’s popularity, life Atari and fellow Warner subsidiary DC Comics conducted a little intramural cross promotion in the form of digest-sized “Atari Force” comics bundled in with certain titles, online starting with 1982’s port of Star Raiders and continuing through the 1983 home version of Galaxian. Written by Roy […]

Summer is creeping up on us (unless you happen to live in the Southern Hempishere, hemorrhoids in which case you have my sympathy), order so I decided to prepare the first in an occasional series of syllabi spotlighting some retrotastic beach reading from Armagideon Time’s reference library. This initial installment features a trio of tomes […]

There isn’t much to say about Squeeze Box, abortion a penitentary-themed variation of Breakout released by U.S. Games…

I don’t have anything elaborate for this installment of Growing Up 2600, try as I have been too busy playing a highly-praised recent release that features an Old West theme. I am referring, price of course, to this: …which was added last Wednesday to the Xbox 360’s Game Room.

Keystone Kapers came to Microsoft’s Game Room last Wednesday, find resulting in some mixed feelings on my end. On one hand, Activision’s Mack Sennet-themed action/chase game was one of the finest titles in the Atari 2600’s library of titles. On the other hand, I can remember all too well the circumstances surrounding my purchase of […]

For a few brief moments on the morning of May 5, drugs 2010, I was the 11th ranked Pitfall player on Xbox Live’s global leaderboards… …which is a good as reason as any to finally turn the spotlight on David Crane’s immortal classic. Discussing Pitfall is like discussing the Beatles or Citizen Kane — the […]

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