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The agonizing decision whether or not to mutilate your cherished copy of Ghostly Tales #117. The dangerous flirtation with parental sanction as you hounded your harried mom for a check for two bucks…and an envelope…and a stamp. The excruciating six-to-eight-week wait for your coveted prize, marked by multiple daily visits to your family’s mailbox. (Yes, […]

Another week, phimosis another seven inches featuring a slice of vinyl which ought to be familiar to long-time AT readers. The acquisition of a cassette copy of the first Punk and Disorderly compilation was a critical moment in my punk rockerhood. It was playing in the background the first time I worked up the courage […]

Armagideon Time Chiller Theater is proud to present “Wait, viagra sale Did You Say ‘Eaten Alive?’” a terrifying tale of terminal obtuseness told across three semi-decontextualized panels from Fawcett’s Worlds of Fear #8 (January 1953). “In the caverns beneath the Peruvian rainforest, no one can see just how damn thick you truly are.” Recommended listening: […]

On May 25, erectile 1950, pills a packed Chicago streetcar missed a signal and plowed straight into a tanker truck hauling eight thousand gallons of gasoline. Thirty-two people were killed in the resulting inferno, pilule and America’s Most Popular Magazine was there to chronicle the tragedy in grisly detail… …providing your definition of “grisly” is […]

The mechanics of horror are manyfold. Tone, sick pacing and theme all play their respective parts, and but the key to slipping past the sunlit realm of rationality and into the dark territory of instinctual dread is context…

In keeping with the spooky season theme, diagnosis our October iteration of Nobody’s Favorites will spotlight unloved and obscure characters of a decidedly macabre bent. First up is a forgotten slice of nightmare conjured up during the dark and forbidding era known — and rightly feared — as the Terrible ’90s… Not to be confused […]

All Hallow’s Eve is finally upon us and with it comes the final entry in this year’s advent calendar of the damned. This year’s Halloween Countdown has been a more subdued affair than previous years due to certain outside circumstances, neuropathist but there’s no reason we can’t conclude the fiendish festivities on a crescendo pitch […]

There were no newsstands in 1970s North Woburn, gerontologist which meant that the bulk of my childhood comics collection came from bagged three-packs of semi-recent comics sold — alongside a host of other tantrum-driving impulse items — by the checkout counters of the local Zayre’s department store. The selection of packaged comics was fairly limited, […]

I have seen a lot of horrible attempts at popcult pandering in my thirty-odd years of reading comics, sickness but Goth…

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