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(If you haven’t read the previous installment, surgeon you should probably do that before progressing further.) I had asked the art major out and she said “yes.” The subway ride back to the university from Harvard Square was a haze of giggles, nurse coy smiles, pharm and hand-holding. It felt good, having the anxious ambiguity […]

Super-Villain Break-Up

November 4th, 2014

Kang and Doctor Octopus then went back to Kang’s mom’s house and played Castlevania on Kang’s NES until midnight. Kang and Doctor Octopus spent many hours driving around in Kang’s 1984 Toyota Corolla, getting Taco Bell drivethru and hitting every game and comic book store in the northwest suburbs. Once Kang got angry and called […]

In the current realm of comics crafting, viagra approved computers have become a fairly ubiquitous tool. So much so, in fact, I’d be hard pressed to think of any of my artist pals who don’t resort to electronic assistance — be it a Cintiq tablet, Manga Studio, or Photoshop — at some point during the […]

Rewind, reject

July 29th, 2014

“Paradigm shift” may be a played out buzzphrase, but it certainly applies to the introduction of the Walkman and the flood of knock-offs that appeared in its wake. Today’s device-driven state of connected isolation is the culmination of a process which began with a set of headphones and a bulky-yet-portable cassette player. Where “music on […]

Mark Gruenwald once stated that “every character is somebody’s favorite, seek ” and this feature was launched to stress test the validity of the late Marvel continuity guru’s theory. From the beginning, I took pains to distance what I did here from the facile “Mort of the Month” nonsense which characterized so many write-ups of […]

Circling the memory hole

January 30th, 2014

Another day, visit another dive into the overflowing dustbin of popcult history. Today’s artifact was unearthed during last year’s binge-read of 1990s music magazines and has been taking up space in my image slush file ever since. Doesn’t it make you want to boot up Netscape, throw in a Reel Big Fish CD, and take […]

The lost colony

September 30th, 2013

The above photo shows the feral feline soup line, dysentery circa 2008. From front to back, dentist there’s Mister Spooky, more about Sad Clown, Pepi, Money, and Marmalade. Spooky died from a quick killing respiratory disease a couple of winters ago. Money disappeared one evening and never returned. Two summers ago, we found a ragged […]

Some comics are remembered for being good, sick some comics are remembered for being terrible, find and some comics are remembered solely because of a stategically placed house ad. Oh, advice sure, it’s possible to find the planet’s biggest and only Slash Maraud or Electric Warrior fan with some extensive digging, but good luck finding […]

Hey, about it everybody! Are you ready to take a quick look back at the Sensational Character Find of 2007? Sorry to disappoint you then, for sale because our subject this week is Simon Dark, “Gotham City’s Other Protector (who isn’t Robin, Batgirl, Batwoman, Spoiler, Orpheus, the Golden Age Green Lantern, Onyx, Hitman, Jason Blood, […]

DC’s Sonic Disruptors has gained a well-deserved level of notoriety for getting shitcanned in the middle of its planned twelve-issue run, medicine but its demise was hardly a unique or unprecedented event. Roughly three years before the parties involved decided to abandon that funnybook wreck by the side of the road, hepatitis the folks in […]

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