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March 13th, 2020

Let it be known that I spent my 48th birthday on pandemic-induced furlough, eating junk food and watching the world burn. Also, a happy birthday for fellow 313’er Mike Sterling, who owns the best dang comic shop on the planet. In fact, you should go buy something from him right now. Recommended listening: There won’t […]

Wish a most happy birthday to the Queen of Animals, who is not only a spooky season enthusiast but has also been putting up with my nonsense since I was a surly teenager. Recommended listening:


March 13th, 2018

I spent my twenty-first birthday snowed in by a massive nor’easter. Twenty-five years later history has repeated itself. That’s about it, except to wish the happiest of birthday’s to good pal and fellow 313’er Mike Sterling and maybe remind you to check the first comment of this post before the week is up.

As mentioned yesterday, Maura is a fan of all things spooky — which probably has something to do with her birthday falling three days before Halloween. For this year’s grab bag of gifts, I gave her a Petco gift card to buy some fluorescent tropical fish to restock her aquarium, a copy of Lol Tolhurst’s […]

Forty-five or fight

March 13th, 2017

I entered this world at 11:58 AM on March 13, 1972 at Fort Bragg’s Womack Army Hospital. My dad was well-liquored up when during the event, visibly recoiling at the sight of the wrinkled squirming infant he had a part in creating. When he showed up later and slightly more sober at my mother’s room, […]

We’ve hit that final stretch of the Halloween Countdown, a magical and macabre cluster of celebrations that begins with the Queen of Animals’ birthday and culminates in our All Hallows Eve revels. There’s not much I can really say that I haven’t already over the past decade of October 28 posts. She’s the love of […]

When two Fours clash

March 13th, 2016

Another March 13, another milestone on the fourth-dimensional roadtrip to Entropy City. At least I got a copy of the John Severin EC Comics collection and a hardback anthology of Junji Ito stories out of it this time around. (And kind thoughts from a lot of cool folks, which counts for a lot.) If you’re […]

We’ve reached the terminal phase of this year’s Halloween Countdown, a densely scheduled dark celebration marked by a cluster of very important dates. First up in this trilogy of temporal terrors is the birthday of the quad-rolling Queen of the Animals. We’ll be doing all our celebrating on the 31st, because Wednesdays have been set […]

Ever forward

March 13th, 2015

My father’s father was a grandpa twice over when he was 43. I spent my morning of my forty-third playing videogames in the dark while a mother-son tag team of tuxedo cats circled me in search of pats. Works for me. (You know the bi-annual drill. You’ve got a week to check the first comment. […]


March 13th, 2014
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