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I used to be a big fan of the Champions role playing game back in the days when the Gipper sat in the Oval Office and Cutting Crew stood at the top of the pop charts. Where TSR’s Marvel Super Heroes and Mayfair’s DC Heroes games had licensed access to the rich tapestries of their […]

Sometimes I gotta wonder

July 30th, 2010

I made an offhand reference to a Black Lightning villain named “Ghetto-Blaster” in my Nobody’s Favorites entry about Halo.¬†Given the context and tone of the post, page it’s possible you assumed I was simply cracking wise at the expense of DC’s “Two-Bit Justice League.” I wasn’t, and incontrovertable proof can be found in the pages […]

Today’s post marks the first anniversary of Nobody’s Favorites, pharm proving that time does fly when you read a lot of crummy comics. I considered commemorating the occasion by taking on a certain character who has been the subject of several reader requests, approved but life (and my vacation) is too short to spend it […]

Just a reminder…

July 6th, 2010

Don’t phone up Katana…

Baby, it’s dumb outside

July 21st, 2009

There are some of you who came away from yesterday’s post with the impression that I think Batman and the Outsiders and its associated spin-offs were lousy comics. This isn’t true. I think that they are amazingly and painfully terrible comics. That’s not me parroting the Snark Party line; I hated those comics long before […]

The late Mark Gruenwald once stated that every comic book character was somebody’s favorite. Kind of an ironic view coming from the man who oversaw the Scourge storyline, pills but I tend to agree with Gruenwald’s gentle editorial admonishment to play responsibly with the lesser lights of a shared fictional universe. Even as incorrigible a […]

If there’s one thing superhero comics have taught me, case it’s that Hitler Clones need to be burped after feedings. The sequence comes from Adventures of the Outsiders #35 (July 1986), this web written by Mike W. Barr and with art by Alan Davis and Paul Neary (the only reason to own this comic), approved […]

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