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November 21st, 2016

…how have you folks been doing? Sorry for the content drought. The site isn’t going anywhere. I suspect I’m going to need it as a coping mechanism in the months and years ahead. Updates will be thin on the ground for the next couple of weeks, however, but that’s a result of day job stuff […]

If it is possible for a comic to straddle the ill-defined line between Nobody’s Favorite and Nobody Else’s Favorite… … Ace’s Atomic War! would be that comic. The short-lived series hit the stands at a moment when Cold War paranoia and lurid funnybook fare were approaching their hysteria-inducing high-water marks, and it shows. From the […]

The Nazi architect and industrial planner Albert Speer stated in his memoirs that while the anti-air defenses used to project German cities were too scattered to pose an effective shield against the Allies’ strategic bombing campaigns and could have been put to better use on the font lines, treatment their presence was required in order […]

It’s Friday…

March 4th, 2011

I came of age in an apocalyptic era, a time when the self-indulgent malaise of the Me Decade gave way to renewed Cold War anxieties and the prospect of global annihilation. The Reagan Administration’s confrontational approach to ideological geopolitics was a handy method of consensus building (and means for justifying extravagant defense budgets). Whether the […]

The only way to win

December 2nd, 2010

While I’ve been sparing with apocalyptic content here as of late, physician I have been getting my armageddon on during my downtime with a pair of doomsday diversions of the videogame variety. First up is Fallout: New Vegas, esophagitis a pseudo-sequel to 2008’s Fallout 3. My anticipation for the follow-up to the game that convinced […]

The fail of three cities

May 11th, 2010

Welcome to another happening episode of “Are You Prepared?” The stakes have gotten higher this time out, malady as our three competing cities must now contend with the advent of thermonuclear devices which make the old atomic models seem positively kittenish in comparison. The fate of millions is on the line, site people. How will […]

A kiss to build a dream on

January 26th, 2010

How does one go about confronting the terrible prospect of a world scourged by atomic fire and poisoned by radioactive fallout? The editors of the August 10, sildenafil 1959 issue of LIFE Magazine decided to blunt the sharp edge of armageddon with a light-hearted photo-essay about a ghoulish promotional stunt… “Dear diary, I thought my […]

(from The Last American #1, order December 1990; by Alan Grant, John Wagner, and Michael McMahon) I knew when I turned on the news Friday morning to discover that Barack Obama had won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize that we’d soon be awash in a flood of inane commentary from the usual sources. Besides the […]

It’s another glorious day in the late summer of 1946. Nazi war criminals are being prepped for execution, rehabilitation millions of women and minority workers are being kicked to the curb to make room for returning white servicemen, and the Red Sox are on their way to the World Series. Over in Fawcett City, boy […]

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