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My love for Atari Force is no secret. What began as a fairly mediocre bit of intramural cross-promotion ended up becoming one the few bright spots in DC’s roster of early 1980s offerings. Though DC made a score of attempts to mimic Marvel’s big-selling licensed Star Wars comic. only Atari Force came close to capturing […]

Here’s an impossible task for you: Try and find a write up of Liberator that doesn’t include some variation of “like Missile Command, link but in reverse.” It’s a fair comparison to make, even for an era when arcades were rife with cosmetically altered clones of whatever quarter-muncher happened to be profitable at the moment. […]

During the peak of the 2600 console’s popularity, life Atari and fellow Warner subsidiary DC Comics conducted a little intramural cross promotion in the form of digest-sized “Atari Force” comics bundled in with certain titles, online starting with 1982’s port of Star Raiders and continuing through the 1983 home version of Galaxian. Written by Roy […]

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