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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. So there’s this isolated polar research station inhabited by an extremely irritable group of military men and scientists… …which is unexpectedly infiltrated by something in a familiar form. Things get a bit dicey when members of the research team start to dig a little deeper into the […]

John Byrne wasn’t too thrilled with working on Alpha Flight, which probably explains why his run on the series was so damn weird and full of Cronenbergian body horror. It hasn’t aged gracefully enough to be labeled a “classic” (which, to be fair, applies to most Eighties superhero comics), but it’s still a pretty interesting […]

Though John Byrne has made a long public transition from comics superstar to embarrassing crank, my fascination with his early 1980s Alpha Flight run remains eternal. There was nothing else like it — in tone or structure — in the realm of mainstream superhero comics before or since. It was a team book in which […]

December is upon us, buy information pills so it’s time to flip the Nobody’s Favorites script for the next few weeks and take a gander at some undersung characters and comics for which I have a particular fondness. First up is Snowbird… …Alpha Flight’s shape-changing demigoddess of the Arctic wilderness. John Byrne’s run on Alpha […]

En attendant

June 7th, 2013

Taking Off: Day 2

June 1st, 2012

(from Alpha Flight #1, about it August 1983; by John Byrne)Required can-con: Should’ve packed a sweater.

Lousiness is not a prerequisite for becoming Nobody’s Favorite. It certainly helps when it comes down to writing these posts, sildenafil as laughably terrible concepts offer better opportunities to strut my passable imitation of wittiness. The jokes tend to write themselves when I tackle such obvious trainwrecks like the New Guardians or the “Angel” Punisher […]

Marvel’s Alpha Flight was one of the first comic book series I picked up on a monthly basis, seek alongside New Mutants, viagra All-Star Squadron, viagra 60mg and Fury of Firestorm. Unlike most comics I read in my formative years, series creator John Byrne’s two and a half year run on the Canadian superteam’s title […]

Just a reminder…

January 12th, 2010

In Canada… …sometimes the cradle robs YOU. (Today’s moment of legally actionable romance comes courtesy of Alpha Flight #3, in case the police happen to ask you.) Recommended listening: The Yachts – Heads Will Turn (from The Yachts, 1979) [audio:0112yhwt.mp3] I briefly considered using New Order’s “Age of Consent” for today’s musical annotation, but instead […]

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