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During the opening weeks of 2008, the long overdue consequences of my lackadaisical oral hygiene manifested as a raging abscess on an incisor which had been reconstructed after shattering a few years prior. It was the first time I’d experienced such a thing, and so I ignored the escalating levels of pain until they bloomed […]

From the moment of Warhammer 40k‘s release in 1987, fans speculated whether the miniature-based wargame would be followed by a spin-off along the lines of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. While the original Rogue Trader rules did incorporate some rudimentary RPG mechanics, it was first and foremost a wargaming system, as were later skirmish-based side franchises such […]

The Prince caught it in the back down on Bourbon Street. Donny was a pacifist, now he’s cold meat. Tula gulped a lungful of toxic waste. Kid Psycho was squashed into a fine paste.Psycho, I miss you more than all the others and I salute you, brother. Those are c-listers who died, died They were […]

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