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The existence of a Horror of Party Beach photo-comic is bizarre enough to contemplate…

…but the discovery that Wally Wood retouched the monsters’ goofy maws to add fangs add a whole new level of surreality to the proceedings.

I prefer the original “hot dog enthusiast” (crafted from rubber gloves) look. It may not have achieved what the filmmakers were angling for, mind but at least they tried something new. With the fangs, the creature looks like a high school kid’s overly ambitious attempt to create a Gill Man mask out of papier-mâché. (I know this because I was that high school kid.)

Recommended listening: The Del-Aires – Zombie Stomp


My love for Horror of Party Beach is deep and sincere. How could it not be? It’s a monster/beach party flick shot in New England and bearing all delightful hallmarks of DIY auteurism. The film also features some killer tunes by the mighty Del-Aires, rockin’ the twistified transition between Buddy Holly and the British Invasion.

Cleaned up versions of several soundtrack selections were officially released a couple of years back, but the above cut was ripped — “additional dialogue,” ominous audio cues, and all — direct from the movie and obtained during the Golden Era of Audiogalaxy.

5 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: October 8 – It’s the living end”

  1. damanoid

    Oh god, this movie tries SO HARD to be racist, yet somehow it even manages to fail at that. Ultimately the comic-relief black maid, Eulabelle, is the only likeable character, and the only one with a lick of sense.

  2. Bryan

    I like Weekend at Party Pier:

  3. athodyd


  4. Aberration, The

    @Damanoid: I wouldn’t go so far as to say it fails at racism. I give it an “A” for effort. Or maybe a swift kick in the zwinkies.

    Still, one day I jammed my foot allll the way down my throat when I piped up and whined that Hollywood shouldn’t remake GOOD movies, but rather take another shot at material they royally screwed up the first time. Someone immediately called me on it: what crappy movie would I want to see remade? Everyone was already tired of hearing me explain that Arthur Herzog’s The Swarm bears virtually no resemblance to Irwin Allen’s craptacular “adaptation,” so I choked.

    But then it hit me: The Horror of Party Beach, starring Pam Grier as the put-upon Eulabelle Johnson, who finally snaps and starts blowing the aqua-zombies away with a shotgun loaded with rock salt (“SODIUM!”) before beating the living shit out of, among others, the Professor for being a condescending privilege-prick. Oh HELL yes. Also, greasy gang rumble and multiple songs by the Del-Aires! (It would have to remain set in the ’50s.)

    It would be that, or Golden Bat.

    Jesus, that’s Wally Wood? Those fangs (and the B&W magazine print) make it look like one of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s creations for Hot Rod Cartoons. (Ha! Ha! I am older than dirt! Ha! Onion which was the style at the time! Ha!)

  5. Aberration, The


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