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(from “The Halloween God” by Gary Cohn, Dan Mishkin and Adrian Gonzales in Secrets of Haunted House #44, January 1982)

Greetings, my groovy ghoulies! October is upon us, and with it comes our 9th annual Halloween Countdown. Those brave enough to face its terrors will find thirty-one days of tricks and treats plundered from the pustulent plague pits of my popcult archives.

Breath deeply, and let the spirits move you.

Recommended listening: Crazy Hearts – Four Minutes to Midnight (from the Thunderbolt EP, 1982)


Some no wave from the grave to kick the lid off the festivities and set your skeletal toes a’tapping.

7 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: October 1 – Remember the time”

  1. Bully


  2. Jer

    Hey look – it’s the Great Pumpkin! That must be one sincere pumpkin patch!

  3. Jordan Levells

    My God…it’s Samhain from the Real Ghostbusters! And he’s going STREAKING!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  4. Semetra Rhodes

    Whole new “shine” to Pumpkinhead!

  5. damanoid

    Classics Illustrated presents Seneca’s ”Apocolocyntosis.”

  6. Snark Shark

    The REAL Origin of Jack O Lantern!

  7. Caffeinated Joe (@Wings1295)

    Creepy, well… except for his head! LOL

    Here’s to a great month!

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