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March 13th, 2009

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There came a point, view sometime during my mid-twenties, when I quit caring about my birthday. You’re only as old as you feel, and today, as I the hit the thirty-seven year mark (the age my mother was when she died), I just feel very, very tired.

Recommended listening:

The Clash – Death or Glory (from London Calling, 1979)


Pal Ken refers to this testament to life’s sad little truths as “the Andrew song.” I still haven’t decided whether I should be flattered or offended by that.

If I were presumptuous enough to select my own “Andrew song,” however, I’d probably go with this track, which I remember listening to over and over again on my twenty-first birthday as I watched the snow fall outside my bedroom window…

Nick Lowe – So It Goes (from Jesus of Cool, 1978)


9 Responses to “Just another story”

  1. Palette

    Happy Birthday, Andrew! Mine was on the 11th. I turned 35 (again). 😉

  2. bitterandrew

    Thanks, Erin, and a happy birthday back at you!

  3. Crowded House

    Happy Birthday, for whatever it’s worth. Thanks for some great tracks to honor the occasion. Hope your day gets better.

  4. planet mondo

    Happy Birthday BA – It’s easier in your 40s – and you get a ‘so what’ confidence..

    Have this as a birthday treat

  5. Highlander

    Happy Birthday tired one. I’m 39 in exactly three weeks but it means little and I care less.

    Mrs H likes to make a small fuss and I feel a twinge of guilt at my own indifference so I’ve requested a couple of t-shirts off eBay. Does Maura persevere through your own lack of enthusiasm?

  6. PJ

    The entire crew has chastised me for not recalling this auspicious occasion. I vow that I shall always remember you and commemorate your birthday.

    Wait. Din’t I say that last year? Ah! That‘s how I remember and commemorate. Cheers!

  7. bitterandrew

    Thanks, folks!

    CH: Things eventually improved at the back end of the day, so it ended well enough.

    PM: Always a fine choice of gift!

    Highlander: Oddly enough, Maura said she’s going to buy me an Iron Man t-shirt I’ve had my eye on at Target for a while now.

    PJ: Don’t sweat it. I appreciate the thought!

  8. nazz nomad

    Happy birthday-
    here’s a weird one. My wife’s birthday is also march 13. and her maiden name is Weiss.

  9. Joseph

    Fantastic site! Strangely, my mother also died when she was 37 (a few months before her 38th). When I passed that a year ago, I felt it…deep. Hang in there. People are waiting to hear your words!

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