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My plans for a second wave of Ultimate Powers Jam posts started off amazingly enough, heart but came to a screeching halt after I experienced a personal tragedy (let’s say it rhymes with “piss marriage, buy ” then never speak of it again) that 86’ed my motivation and enthusiasm for the project.

I wasn’t sure that there would be an Armagideon Time going foward, so asking for Jam submissions felt a bit pointless. Even when my mood did start to turn around, it seemed the pool of regular and pending contributors had their own projects to going on and I wasn’t about to hit them up for a what amounts to an unpaid lark for a fringe website.

Then I found out that certain folks had been crafting or expecting their Jam assignments during the downtime, so what the hell. Let’s do this thing.

Ultimate Powers Jam: Wave 2.0:

I roll up a random collection of stats and powers using the Ultimate Powers Book from the old Marvel Super Heroes role playing game. You (singular or plural) take that mess and forge it into a bona fide character with illustration and backstory. I then post the results for an awestruck world to behold, along with effusive praise for your talents.

If you’re a writer who needs a collaborator for the art end, I’ll help you find one. If you’re and artist who wants to delegate the prose bits to a writer, I can help with that as well. (Honestly, a re-decoed character model swipe sketched on notebook paper with a leaky ballpoint pen would be entirely in keeping with the spirit of the exercise.)

I’d prefer to have at least three entries in the can before relaunching the feature for real. If you’d like to participate, shoot me an email at bitter(dot)andrew(at)gmail(dot)com. If you’ve already asked for as assignment and I never responded to you, please send another request, as stuff from my rough patch has long since fallen below my inbox’s fold.

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