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The eighth is ennui

May 3rd, 2014

In early 2006, discount I began hanging out with a group of (mostly) like-minded comics bloggers I’d come into contact with through Fanboy Rampage. I wasn’t doing much writing at the time, as I was still suffering from a catastrophic case of burn-out caused by some frustrating collaborative experiences around the turn of the millennium.

Yet it was hard not to think of getting back into the game when I was surrounded by so many talented folks. It was around that time I discovered the then-dawning archival/oddity mp3 blogging scene, and realized I’d found an ideal platform for written self-expression.

I gave up the mp3 blogging format towards the end of 2008, around the time the Powers That Be withdrew their ambivalent tolerance and began cracking down on sites according to some heavy-handed and arbitrary (and often self-contradictory) unspecified calculus. I relaunched Armagideon Time on its own domain, shedding the BlogSpot address and about three-fourths of its readership in the process.

The site has staggered along fitfully ever since.

When I began AT, I was blessed with five years of pent-up creative energy and a surfeit of free time. That stopped being the case around 2010 or so, when my day job duties expanded and the diminishing returns of a daily posting schedule began to take their toll.

The gap between my ambition and my motivation has only widened since then. While I try to tell myself I’m not in it for the pagehits, the realization that I peaked three years ago doesn’t exactly inspire me to step up my game…even if I had a clue about what such a thing would entail.

There were times in the run-up to this anniversary when I contemplated shuttering the site and retiring to a life free of social media nonsense. If a certain event had achieved a more favorable outcome, that’s exactly what would have happened.

It didn’t, though.

As long as I’m paying the server and domain fees, and feel the need to maintain a public outlet for my nonsense, AT will keep on keeping on.

To everyone who has supported this site over the years: Thanks. What you lack in numbers, you make up for in coolness.

(Oh, and be sure to check the first comment sometime before next Saturday.)

25 Responses to “The eighth is ennui”

  1. bitterandrew

    The clock is ticking.

  2. Tim O'Neil

    Oh thank the Lord! Reading this I was dreading what I was sure the punchline would be – and then it didn’t happen, which is fantastic. Here’s to another eight years of Nobody’s Favorites, Silver Age Saturdays, and creepy time capsules from the atomic age.

  3. Mikester

    I’m glad you’re still around, Andrew.

  4. Whalehead King

    I’m glad it has a happy ending.

  5. Jeff

    Congratulations on 8 years. I arrived sometime during the mp3 era, and have enjoyed it ever since. Keep on keepin’ on, sir!

  6. Mark

    I don’t know what your page hits count looks like, but I just keep coming back for my weekly shot. Thanks for the fun you give me, Andrew.

  7. Chris Gumprich

    I came for Nobody’s Favorites and stayed around for everything else. Congratulations on eight years.

  8. SJB

    What Chris G said

  9. Jim Kosmicki

    this is one of my regular stops in my RSS reader – you do have readers who want to keep reading…

  10. stavner


  11. Bill Hileman

    Even if I don’t agree with your choice of Warlock as a Nobody’s Favorite (loon!), even after 5+ years I check Armagideon a couple of times a week just to see where you’re at.

    Although it’s usually on a tablet and commenting is a pain, I’ll try to pipe up a little more because your posts are appreciated.

    I’m really grateful you’ve stuck with it and hope you continue to share things at whatever pace works for ya.


  12. sallyp

    Congrats on your continuted blogging, sir! Speaking completely selfishly, I am so glad that you are continuing, your blog is always a hoot.

  13. Cathy Leamy

    I’m glad you’re sticking around, especially for Nobody’s Favorites. The stuff I learn from that column I can’t even believe.

  14. Rockie Bee

    I came for Nobody’s Favorites, and stayed for everything else as well. I love the blog. Don’t quit anytime soon!

  15. Crowded House

    A much too belated thanks for sticking around and brightening my days!

  16. Zeno

    I visit every weekday and have yet to become less than engaged with any of the sites musings. Keep up the great work.

  17. Kris

    Mazel tov!



  19. Mike Loughlin

    I’m glad you decided against shutting down Armagideon Time (although I’m sorry that the unnamed event did not work out better for you). Thanks for the entertainment. and I’ll keep reading as long as you keep writing.

  20. TG

    I’m late to the commenting party, as usual, but even though I don’t comment much I’m also here every week and appreciate what you do.

    I only read four blogs on a regular basis (Mike Sterling is one of them)– so for this reader, at least, you are part of an exclusive set. It’s not Tuesday night without AT, PR, and a glass of beer after the kids go to bed!

  21. EW

    Yours is the only blog I read and it has been since 2008. You literally changed my life. Thank you.

  22. Prankster

    Also late to the party and I’m just coming off a couple months of pretty intense workload, but let me confirm I’m glad this site remains. Aloha!

  23. Bill S.

    I tend to check in batches through the RSS (hence the late comment), but, as others have said, yours is one of the few blogs that I still check regularly since the period of your Blogspot days. Nobody’s Favorite is a highlight, but I always appreciate the cultural commentary and the ephemera gleaned from the pages of Life Magazine. Here’s to as many more years as you are willing to provide us!

  24. Tristan

    Bill – Don’t feel bad re: Warlock. I’m one of those awful freaks who regularly objects (at least to myself) to his inclusion of various ’70s Marvel pseudo-horror characters (and you know what, fuck literally everyone, I like Man-Bat).

    That said, thanks to Andrew for all the blogging and for the anniversary-or-whatever treat. I rarely comment on anything other than the comic book book stuff, but I probably get more out of the music and historical reminiscence stuff (I just rarely feel I can add anything of value). Hopefully one day you’ll be mature enough to realize that Werewolf by Night is fucking awesome.

  25. Matt M.

    Feel like a yutz for missing this, but you already know how I feel. Thanks for the work, even in the face of the Tidal King of Indifference. That’s what separates us from the planaria, doncha know?

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