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Take a lazy blogger, some randomly generated character outlines from Marvel Super Heroes RPG’s Ultimate Powers Book and a phenomenally talented roster of internet pals, and you get…

This week’s example of a dozen d100 rolls made manifest comes courtesy of Keith Pille, who transformed a hot mess of random results into something pretty gosh darn amazing.

Recent NYU graduate Elizabeth Drakoulias is much more than she seems. Because of a once-in-a-lifetime alignment of the superstrings of the universe, when Drakoulias was born her life essence was intermingled with that of an immensely powerful, mindless being who exists mostly in dimensions higher than those perceived by human beings; its essence extends down into our plane in the body of Lizzie Drakoulias, and her essence extends out into the higher dimensions through the being’s body. With concentration, she can control and manipulate her symbiote’s body; however, the amount of effort required increases as the symbiote gets larger and more agitated.

When controlling her symbiote, she is capable of amazing things (although she looks like a normal 22-year-old woman of slight build). Using the higher-dimensioned being’s limbs to reach down into our dimension, she can manipulate heavy objects at a distance. She can, for short periods, withdraw most of her body into higher-dimensional space, essentially becoming invisible to human eyes. She can manipulate matter on a molecular level, slowing down molecules to create intense cold. She can even, since many superbeings’ powers extend into the higher dimensions where Drakoulias’ symbiote exists, manipulate or even temporarily “steal” the powers of other superbeings.

Thin Lizzie, as she’s called, is best described as a grouchy idealist. She thinks the world should work a certain way, and gets very annoyed and angry when it frequently doesn’t. And she’s capricious about what annoys her. One day it might be the gross injustice of the Sentinel program. the next day, it might be the kafkaesque customer service policies of her cell phone carrier. You never know what’s going to fire her up, and as such she’s just as likely to appear in a story as someone helping the X-Men fight injustice against mutants as she is to be a rampaging problem for the Fantastic Four to solve.

Because, for whatever reason, her connection with her higher-dimension symbiote has a very strong emotional element, and the more frustrated or annoyed she becomes, the larger and more agitated her higher-dimensional self becomes. To a point where it lashes out almost like a poltergeist. She can keep it in check with a supreme effort of willpower, but it’s very taxing for her and really it’s like sealing the safety valve on an old boiler- the longer you let the pressure build, the worse the eventual explosion’s going to be. The possibility exists that if she built up a giant head of emotional steam and didn’t vent it, there’d be some kind of catastrophic explosion in the higher dimensions that could end all life in the universe.

So it’s better not to be too overly careful about keeping it locked down all the time. or at least that’s what she tells herself when she starts psychokinetically throwing things around in a restaurant because of a rude waiter.

(Amazing art and wonderful write-up by Keith Pille. Ultimate Power Jam logo by the devoted Dave Lartigue.)

Are you an artist with some free time and are looking for a creative challenge? Hit me up at bitter(dot)andrew(at)gmail(dot)com if you’re interested in participating in the Ultimate Powers Jam!

Don’t let apprehension about your skills keep you from joining in. I guarantee you’ll do a better job than I ever could, and ballpoint sketches on notebook paper fall well within the old school, not-paying-attention in chemistry class RPG vibe.

One Response to “Ultimate Powers Jam #2 – Thin Lizzie”

  1. Jess Gulbranson

    Great concept! I would read the hell out of this comic.

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