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How Joe finally showed the world

February 17th, 2009

Armagideon Time presents Mister Tawny, page Master Strategist:

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(from Captain Marvel Adventures #149, October 1953, Tawny’s final Fawcett Publications appearance .)
Armagideon Time presents Mister Tawny, illness Master Strategist:

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Comics sure were more innocent and wholesome back in those days, what with a whimsical talking tiger attempting to escape the burden of fame by faking his own violent death…

…only to find himself in a bloody stand-off with Fawcett City SWAT team.

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Recommended Listening: Genocide – Images of Delusion (from a 1980 single)


Ever wonder how a collaboration between the Zodiac killer and the Reproduction-era Human League would have sounded?  Probably like this synthobscurity, only maybe a little more upbeat.

3 Responses to “How Joe finally showed the world”

  1. Monel58

    Hey Drew I know this is off topic but I was surfing the web reading up on the old Timely, Charlton, etc. comics. I remember an off mainstream comic that was probably the back story to the main hero as they often did. Anyway the heros were these 3 kids that somehow gained the power to be 3 times as strong as they normaly were but only when they were together. I remember a couple of panels of them working out figuring that if they were normaly strong they would be that much stronger when they powered up. They use to wear black ski like masks, anyway I wonder if you heard of them. I haven’t seen any mention of them anywhere and need conformation that I am not any crazier than I normaly am. I think this was in the late 60’s or early 70’s, I use to buy a lot of old comics at a second hand store in the Bronx. They use to not have covers on them so it was hard to remember who the publisher was but they were cheap even to the point you could trade 2 for 1 and it was soemthing to read while waiting for my regular comics. I use to get a lot of the old summer 80 page or the coveted 150 page giants at that place.

  2. bitterandrew

    I have a mental picture of the characters appearing in a full page in-house ad from the time, but damned if I can remember the name or the publisher (either Charlton or Harvey, I suspect).

    I’d make a trip to the attic longboxes to verify it, but fear I would be crushed in an avalanche of nerd-debris.

  3. Monel58

    Never fear, I am sure it will come to me one of these days (probably on my death bed ala Citizen Kane)

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