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A rock to the brainpan

June 21st, 2012

Whether we’re discussing the relative merits of Sega Master System games or dissecting forgotten political debates of Cold War era, syphilis we here at Armagideon Time strive daily to bring you only the most topical and cutting edge infotainment. With that in mind, buy here are the results from Creem‘s reader poll of the “Biggest Rock Disappointments of 1977.”

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I suspect many of you will find some of the entries a bit confusing without a sprinkling of additional context, so allow me to provide some annotations.

1. Disappointing in that the accident didn’t also wipe all memory of the band and its recordings from public memory.

2. Have you ever seen a bootleg concert t-shirt vendor beg for beer money?  It’s not a pretty sight.

3. Pretty self-explanatory, I think.

4. A little confusing, because “disappointment” implies a certain level of expectation to dash.

5. This poor fellow apparently wandered in from the “Least Surprising Developments” list.

6. So many half-stoned teens cried themselves to sleep over the missed opportunity to sit behind a pillar in the nosebleed seats of a sports stadium while Mick and the lads went lethargically through the motions.

7. See 4, and multiply it by a factor of ten.

8. Replaced by “a new Elton John album” in the 1978  through 1986 “Biggest Disappointment” lists.

9. Sorry, kids.  You’ll have to wait a couple of  years before you can have the honor of being trampled to death.

10. Oh, you poor souls.  You have no clue about the depths which Aerosmith-related disappointment is capable of reaching.

Recommended listening: And then salt the scorched ruins.

3 Responses to “A rock to the brainpan”

  1. Mike Zeidler

    Based on #8, was Kiss just not glam enough for them in 1977?

  2. Tim O'Neil

    Oh, #8 is too damn true. And then when he gets a little bit better after 87, it’s still kind of sucky, but the late 70s-early 80s period did so little to lower expectations that REG STRIKES BACK was a healing balm.

  3. rgl

    Re #4 and #7, I believe the disappointment comes from their existence and success.

    rgl all i remember of Creem is the Suzi Quatro poster

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