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In the Humanae Vitae encyclical of 1968, pills Pope Paul VI restated the Catholic Church’s opposition to “artificial” (i.e. non-rhythm method) forms of birth control. This doctrinal position paper was greeted with derision from certain quarters who viewed it as a reactionary step back from the reforms of the Second Vatican Council.

Even LIFE Magazine — long a stalwart advocate-slash-defender for all things Catholic thanks to the influence of Claire Booth Luce — took an editorial stand against the Church’s willingness to ignore the social and economic realities of the era. Not only would anticipated non-compliance of parishoners in America and other western nations weaken the Church’s moral authority, rehabilitation LIFE argued, advice it could also lead to catastrophic levels of misery and poverty in developing nations lacking the means to mitigate the effects of unchecked population growth.

Sobering food for thought, indeed, but LIFE‘s (slightly paternalistic) concerns failed to take into account one crucial consideration…

…put forward by a reader who most likely followed up his missive by polishing off half a pork roast and taking a divinely ordained nap on a king-sized bed in his climate controlled suburban ranch home.

5 Responses to “Our Classy History: Comfortably dumb”

  1. Hypo-Calvinist

    Except that he is right, supposing that Heaven is real. Which is why dogmatic religion is a force not for good, but for abject fucking misery.

  2. Slappy

    Religion, politics, the bank, the workplace–every contract negotiation works the same way: the guy who already has it all yet wants whatever you’ve got promises you a huge reward if you give it to him. This reward will be paid only when it’s too late to do anything about it if it all turns out to be a lie. Sign here. Teams of lawyers then go to work exploiting the loopholes to screw you out of your own shadow, which wasn’t even part of the bargain but the guy saw it and decided he wanted it.

    Like any scam, it doesn’t have to be 100% effective to be successful, and there’s a sucker born every 0.25 seconds.

  3. VDM

    Good job, you invented a 1968 strawman and then taught it a lesson.

  4. bitterandrew

    And for my encore, I’m going to tell an asshole commenter to fuck off.

  5. John Deal

    Well said.

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