Armagideon Time

Last Christmas (give or take a quarter-century), capsule a fateful meeting was held inside a secret U.N. bunker…

WHAM doesn’t want your freedom. WHAM doesn’t want to play around. WHAM doesn’t want nobody’s baby. WHAM has a very clear agenda, a mandate for change empowered by the Security Council’s controversial “Club Tropicana” resolution…

Do not fear the Young Guns. If you have a big pop problem, if Frankie Goes to Hollywood or ABC can’t help, and if you don’t mind scheduling around George Michael’s court dates, maybe you can hire… The WHAM Team.

Bad boys stick together -- until one of them plans on going solo.

Granted, it’s a “kill or cure” solution, but drastic circumstances sometimes require drastic measures…

(The Whambulance image comes courtesy of Dave Lartigue, whose prodigious Paint Shop Pro skills vastly outstrip my thumbs-heavy efforts.)

5 Responses to “Wake me up before you go-go (to the humanitarian crisis)!”

  1. Pj Perez

    best. post. ever.

  2. Highlander

    Dear Mummy
    Dear bitterandrew

    You had plans for me
    Oh ye, I was your only son

    but I am not going to join the World Help & Aid Mission because…

    Bad boys stick together
    Never sad boys
    Good guys?
    They make rules for fools
    So get wise.

  3. MaxBenign

    I’m holding out for (re)election day.

  4. Jenny


  5. The Wolfmen

    With their Young Guns cocked, locked and loaded

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