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One of the problems with committing the entire month to the Halloween Countdown (besides vastly diminishing returns) is how events tend to overtake the established format. As enjoyable as chills and thrills and other primordial nightmares my be, dentist it is also important to remember one’s obligations and debts to the greater community.

So grab a spare pillowcase and keep up, plague kiddos. Uncle Andrew is going to take you trick or treating down some of the dark alleyways of our little internet community. Stick to the road and steer clear of the moors, because hidden razor blades are the least terrifying things you’ll encounter along the way.

Both “Diabolic” Dorian Wright and “Mad” Dr. K have been conducting their own movie-themed countdowns to Halloween. Dorian has been focusing on Reagan Era schlock “classics” while the Doctor has been exploring the Hammer Age of Horror and other fiendish delights.

Meanwhile, the Little Stuffed Hellbeast has been confirming my suspicions that unimaginable nightmares lurk behind the wholesome facade of a certain all-American community.

I’m not sure I entirely approve of this holiday’s lusty, sybaritic roots.

Over at the Ol’ Agreeable Comics Mansion, Kevin “Satanic” Church and guest artist Paul “Devil” Horn have embarked on a weeklong terror trip over at The Rack.

Taking a quick detour from the scary to the sublime, “Monster of Ceremonies” Adam WarRock recently launched his debut album –titled The War For Infinity and shows those  fronting nerdcore suckas how that shit is done.

From his lair in the forbidding wilds of Western Massachusetts, “Dastardly” Dave Lartigue has taken his razor-sharp scalpel and sliced straight to the pulsing black heart of a more contemporary creeping abomination.

The realm of shameless self-promotion is a place where even I fear to tread, so I’ll let “Malevolent” Mike Sterling give you the skinny on some recent developments instead.

…and so we have reached the final stop of our Itinerary of the Damned.  Make sure your shroud is wrapped tightly for the journey and mind that last step, as it’s a good six feet down.

Recommended listening:  The Pogues – Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go (from Red Roses for Me, 1984)


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