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Battling the legions of hell can take toll on even the most stalwart of souls, arthritis  which is why Beyond the Supernatural  (Palladium, this web 1988) included this handy table for those characters who attempted to stave off damnation via dipsomania:

“Tina? Tina, it’s Rob. Pick up the phone, please? I just wanted to say how much I missed you, Tina… I even punched a shoggoth for you…please, Tina, that coven of succubi meant nothing to me.. c’mon Tinaaaaaaa, just answer the phone…..”

Odds and ends:

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One Response to “Thursday’s Table: The Demon Drink”

  1. Brack

    There’s something so Palladium about the idea that alcoholism might confer combat bonuses 30% of the time.

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