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Yesterday Pal Dave dug into the DC archives to pinpoint the Greatest Month in Comics, cardiology which inspired a certain little stuffed bull to expand Dave’s research into the Marvel realm. I guess that leaves it up to me to complete the Silver Age trifecta with a look at what the Nutmeg State’s number one comics publisher was up to at the time.

Those gussied up city-slickers at Marvel and DC may have played some strong hands during that legendary month, but the fine folks at Charlton Comics (“The Tarpaper Shack of Ideas”) had a deck full of aces up their sleeves during the February of 1966 (or thereabouts. Timeliness — like competent lettering — wasn’t really Charlton’s strong suit.)

In the pages of Captain Atom #79, Charlton’s flagship “action hero” met his match in the form of the fearsomely stylish Dr. Spectro and his rainbow of EVIL

…while over in Blue Beetle #54, Nobody’s Favorite’s alum Dan Garrett pitted his mystical scarab (and prominent spare tire) against the most overconfident floating eyeball in comic book history.

If that wasn’t pulse-pounding enough, the first issue of Peter Cannon…Thunderbolt saw the titular hero take on a rogue tyrannosaur — with only a pair of short-shorts and artist Pete Morisi’s poor grasp of perspective standing between Cannon and certain doom.

Over in the shadowy world of international espionage and dubious prosthetics, the metal-handed Sarge Steel was at work foiling the schemes of the sultry Roja (a.k.a. Agent 38 Double D) in Sarge Steel #7 while Herbie the Fat Fury (in an uncredited cameo) stood back and enjoyed the cleavage show.

Of course, it wasn’t all high-stakes action that month. Who can forget the tragic introduction of the Well-Mannered Killer Robot in Son of Vulcan #50?

Or the oft-cited “Love on a High Wire” from Teen-Age Love #46, where a young aerialist must decide between her high-flying lifestyle and the stifling love of an insecure, square-jawed Young Republican?

DC may have had the Weirdo Legionnaire and Marvel the most-acclaimed Spider-Man story ever published, but with such compelling material as this…

…it seems pretty clear to me who the top dog in the Greatest Month in Comics stakes truly was.

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  1. Kid Kyoto

    You sir have just added to the sum of human knowledge.

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