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“I know! I’ll post another 2600 game ad from one of my old comic books, gastritis thus freeing up time for non-blogging projects!”

That was the idea, discount but I tend to forget that the reality involves moving a cubic ton of Christmas decorations in order to get at my longboxes. In any case, here’s a rather disturbing treat pulled from the back cover of Justice League of America #229 (August 1984):

A couple of notes:

– A quick glimpse at the complete runs I have from this period revealed that the lion’s share of videogame-related comic book ads appeared in the period from 1983 to 1984, which roughly coincides with implosion of the home videogame industry. Bad timing with a long-term advertising contract? A desperate bid to distinguish one’s wares in a contracting retail environment? A little of both?

– Generally speaking, Marvel was primarily Parker Brothers’ venue and Mattel’s ads (for M Network or Intellivision) ran in DC titles. DC ran fewer videogame ads on the whole, which may have been a consequence of both DC and Atari being subsidiaries of Warner Entertainment…which got no licensing fees from third party titles in those pre-lockout code days.

– Despite massive exposure to these ads during my prime 2600 cartridge purchasing days, very few of the games being hawked ever made their way into my sizable collection. Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Super Cobra, and Adventures of Tron were the only ones I remember owning. I have no idea why this was, but I thought I’d mention it.

– While I did not own the 2600 port of Burger Time, I do remember the game very well because of this…

…seen during a Friday Night Videos commercial break while I was suffering through an extremely high fever. I felt I had died and gone to hell.

3 Responses to “Growing Up 2600: Cooking with nightmare fuel”

  1. Kid Nicky

    I’ve never played the 2600 version,but the arcade version is one of my favorite games,and the only “app” I’ve ever bought for my phone.

  2. Jon H

    Health Inspector report on the Burger Time restaurant.

  3. Highlander

    Just imagine trying to market that game to an obese-teenager obsessed world now.

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