Armagideon Time

The wife has left for a horror convention down in the Garden State, website which means it’s time for the men of the house to cut loose and PAR-TAY!

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Let the revels begin, let the fires be started, we’re napping for the slackers and the lazy-hearted! Swedish fish and mashed potatoes for everbody!

I think we’re going to pass on the bobbing for crabs event this year, though…

Recommended listening:  The Pogues – Fiesta (from If I Should Fall from Grace with God, 1988)


In celebration of my part-Hibernian heritage, Oscar the Pughuahua’s half-Mexican ancestry, and Shane MacGowan’s new set of choppers!

3 Responses to “All us rambling boys of pleasure”

  1. planet mondo

    I’d love to see the thumbnail setlist for the’Boys Own’ entertainment weekender – punky tunes at neighbour-alarming volume, video game-a-thons, DVD triple bills?

  2. bitterandrew

    We’ve decided to keep things informal, as neither Oskie nor I are as young as we used to be. At the moment we’re chilling in the AC room, and listening to Wall of Voodoo’s magnificent first album.

    After the sun sets and the downstairs cools off a bit, we shall feast on Pop Tarts and kibble, and maybe shoot some fools in the face in Battlefield 1943.

  3. Tart

    Yeppers, ya did it again, kiddo! Yet another “what the hell am I doing” post has got me in stitches, xoxo

    no donut holes? Comeon!

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