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I’ve been working my way through a digital archive of White Dwarf, the British gaming mag that went from fanzine to GW’s house propaganda organ over the course of the 1980s. The bulk of its early run tended to center around D&D, Runequest, and Traveller material supplemented by GW’s stabs at homegrown gaming product and a few-flash-in-the-pan outliers. While there’s no shortage of interesting moments in there, it has made for less interesting experience than my similar journey through the archives of Dragon Magazine, White Dwarf‘s more staid and buttoned-down American cousin.

Even the ads were fairly uninspiring, focusing on material within GW’s local distribution portfolio, with the usual smattering of “my cousin does art real good” plugs for regional game retailers and supplement providers. By the time I started creeping up into the immediate pre-corporate era of the ‘zine, I’d settled into a state of page-flipping numbness…

…which came to an abrupt halt when my eyes drifted over the above item in the back end of White Dwarf #76 (April 1986)

I have so many questions, but the only answers I’ve unearthed were some playbook excerpts from a actor’s page.

Can you imagine auditions? Can you imagine opening night? Can you image the audience? Of course you can, yet somehow I suspect the reality beggars whatever visions one might conjure.

3 Responses to “Let’s save against petrification again”

  1. Jon H

    Holy shit.

    “Program from Firestone by Peter Fieldson, performed at the Contact Theatre, Manchester. March, 1986”

    Bronn from Game of Thrones was in it.

  2. Jon H

    And the Stephen Warbeck who wrote the music won an Oscar for his Shakespeare In Love score and did the score for Mystery Men, among others.

    I guess it might have been better than the ad.

  3. Scholar-Gipsy

    *gasps for breath like a trout cruelly yanked from its once-tranquil pond*

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