Armagideon Time

Which came worst

February 12th, 2020

See, this is what happens when a eager young letterhack gets Dragon Magazine‘s and Penthouse‘s “Forum” features mixed up.

I bet he thought it could never happen to him.

(from Dragon #121, May 1987)

4 Responses to “Which came worst”

  1. Zeno

    “….important research on the intelligence of grey ooze” is its own unique manifestation of subtextual cringe.

  2. Sir A1

    I think it would actually be funny if cut by two thirds and ended with, “And then I kicked the old man square in the balls.”

  3. Jon H

    They were doing so well with the parthenogenesis bit and then..

  4. SJB


    I can only imagine the D&D arguments this guy used to get into

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