Armagideon Time

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

So there’s this isolated polar research station inhabited by an extremely irritable group of military men and scientists…

…which is unexpectedly infiltrated by something in a familiar form.

Things get a bit dicey when members of the research team start to dig a little deeper into the mystery…

…sowing further confusion and consternation among the staff.

Things rapidly go downhill from there, with multiple fatalities and the complete destruction of the facility.

The two survivors of massacre are left to confront each other in the smoldering ruins.

(panels from Alpha Flight #9, April 1984; by John Byrne, Andy Yanchus, and Michael Higgins)

Between this and the Plodex/Master arc a few issues before, it’s pretty clear which 1982 sci-fi/horror flick got its hooks into ol’ Johnny B’s imagination. I’m a bit surprised he dipped into that well twice in the space of less than a year, but I’d wager the whole “Thing/Thing” thing was too tempting to let slide. This was a man who spent years collaborating with Claremont, after all.

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One Response to “Halloween Countdown: Day 24 – One thing after another”

  1. Chris Gumprich

    Oh my… I’ve read that story a hundred times and never made the connection.

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