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July 29th, 2019

After a month of weekend stays, the kid — my daughter — will be permanently moving into the House on the Hillside this Friday. She’s a remarkable young woman, with each visit further reminding us how truly blessed we are for having her in our lives. I’m proud to be her “Pop.”

I’m going to be on paid family leave for the first couple of weeks after she moves in, after which I’ll have to work out a flex time arrangement for my day job. There are scores of appointments to attend and stacks of paperwork to complete and countless minor issues to resolve. I can recall some of it from my own experiences after my mom passed away, and that was for a kinship placement which involved moving between units in a duplex, not a pre-adoptive scenario stretching across the length of the state.

This is not a complaint. The kid is worth any and all schedule challenges and bureaucratic hurdles, and I’ll tackle them with gusto. However, the short-and-long term logistics do bring up the question of Armagideon Time’s future. This site — which happens to pre-date the kid by a few weeks — existed because I had too much time on my hands. That temporal wiggle room has shrunk dramatically over the past thirteen years, even before the adoption process entered the home stretch.

I’ve toyed with closing up shop a few times, but stopped kidding myself after my good pal Matt sagely reminded me that creative urges can’t be flipped on or off like a lightswitch. They need some form of an outlet, and this particular one has served me well enough so far. The problem is the “fire and forget” writing method I’ve employed doesn’t really work under the current time constraints.

I’m not suffering from a lack of topics. The record posts, the comics collection posts, the popcult history stuff — there’s a shitload of ideas kicking around in my skull, but they require a bit more than a stream-of-consciousness rant pooped out over the space of an hour. My writing may be lazy and slapdash, but I do have some sense of professional pride. If, say, Nobody’s Favorites makes a long overdue return, I want to do it properly. That would require actual research and multiple drafts and revisions, dormant writing habits I need to reawaken.

(For real, the trade paperback comics spotlight ground to a halt because the next entry is a Very Significant Funnybook For Me and I can’t bring myself to half-ass the job.)

The upshot of all this hand-wringing is that this site isn’t going anywhere, but expect some long stretches of radio silence while I adjust to fatherhood, massive schedule adjustments, and changes to my creative process. The off-the-cuff goofy stuff won’t vanish entirely, though the bulk of it will more likely end up on my twitter account where it’s a better fit.

15 Responses to “Armagideon dad”

  1. EAG46

    Mazel Tov on parenthood. Your daughter sounds awesome. She and you and Maura are lucky to have found each other. All the best on your family coming together and whatever you produce, you produce.

  2. Aaron Poehler

    Congratulations to all. Speaking for myself, fatherhood is far and away the most rewarding activity of my life and the one that makes everything else worthwhile.

  3. Ward Hill Terry

    Well done, Andrew and Maura! If you visit the Museum of Science, there is an arrangement with families like yours I believe, come to one of my presentations!
    This site is regular visit for me, but your well-formed essays are usually worth the wait. Write when you can!

  4. Zeno

    No worries. Take all the time you need to get settled.

    Perhaps parenthood itself will prove to be something of a muse for future AT entries as your daughter becomes better versed with the contents your popcult memory palace and offers her own takes on its relevance from time to time. I took my youngest (also adopted) son from “USS Enterwhat?” to die-hard TOS/TNG Trekkie in 2.5 years, which was a blogworthy journey in itself, if only I had the time and inclination to chronicle it.

  5. bitterandrew

    Zeno: I found out yesterday that she loves Skyrim.

    I had it on the PS4, so she created Ariana Grande as a high elf and went out gleefully slaying bandits and wights.

  6. Zeno

    …and so it begins. That’s fantastic.

    Before my son moved in permanently we were told he was really into Minecraft, so that was the theme we picked for initially decorating his room, including an attempt by myself to make an original themed painting on canvas. Mind you, I have trouble drawing conclusions, let alone pictures, but our kids are always worth the extra effort.

  7. bitterandrew

    Our girl is transitioning from pink princess to proto-goth, which has led to some interesting decor choices.

  8. Zeno

    Between yourself and Maura I could not imagine her having better, more supportive guides.

    Does Hot Topic have an in-store credit card? Better look into that, Pop.

  9. Scholar-Gipsy

    What a joy for you and for the kid. You take all the time you need.

  10. Crowded House

    You do what you need to do to square away things while becoming a father Andrew. We’ll wait. You can come back when you’re good and ready.

    Also congratulations on everything and good luck to you and Maura on the last leg of this journey to parenthood.

  11. GeePeeDee

    So grateful to be a witness of your journey into fatherhood. Parenting is my favourite thing about being a human on Earth. Look forward to updates when it fits your schedule. ✌

  12. Dale Glaser

    One more echo to everything being said. Congratulations, you’ll be a great dad. Of course your readership would expect nothing less than for you to make new fatherhood your primary focus for the foreseeable future. When and if new AT posts pop up in my feed, it will be a happy exceeding of said expectations.

  13. DensityDuck

    Good luck to you all, and love <3

  14. Steve

    I don’t know you from Adam (and vice versa!) but as a longtime fan of the blog I think it seems likely that you’re going to be a fantastic dad. Best of luck.

  15. Jon H

    Has she been to the Bigfoot Research Institute?

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