Armagideon Time

Strut the flap

April 4th, 2019

Come one, come all! Feast your eyes on the Only Bumflap That Matters!

As the ad — ganked from a 1980 issue of Smash Hits — states, this was merely one of an entire line of hindquarters drapery available for sale. If you were curious about which other artists were available for posterior display, here’s the full list:

The whole concept strikes me as absurd, yet I must confess the notion of parading around with Andy Partridge on my ass does possess a certain strange appeal.

2 Responses to “Strut the flap”

  1. Sol Bermann

    Clearly I underaccessorized in my punk days

  2. ArghSims

    Alas, too early for there to be one for Butthole Surfers

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