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March 7th, 2019

Sorry for the dry spell, but Monday’s snowstorm and Wednesday’s dentist appointment have thrown off my stride. The plague of distractions does not look like it will be easing until sometime next week, so expect the low content mode to linger a while longer.

Please accept this 1982 trade publication ad as a consolation prize.

According to Wikipedia, the now defunct Kid Stuff Records was co-founded by a “Bob McAllister.” It did not specify whether or not it was the same Bob McAllister who served as the hair-helmeted host of Wonderama and Kids Are People Too

…but I’d wager it was, based on the number of releases Bob had on the label.

I’m not sure why Kid Stuff felt obligated to hype its licensed material, considering the “Kid Stuff Repertory Company” had such strong offerings as Mother Goose Disco, Nursery Rhyme Disco, A Child’s Introduction To Disco, and this immortal classic.

7 Responses to “Nonsense and stuff”

  1. Chris Wuchte

    I’m a little amazed that somehow I’d erased all memory of Monchhichi. But seeing this brought it all back.

  2. Argh!Sims

    Nothing brings takes my mind to Sgt. Pepperland like Billy Jack and Shaft.

  3. Mike Podgor

    I kind of want to know what they did with Marmaduke.

  4. Mike Podgor

    I found one of the Marmaduke songs. It’s a country song about how great he is and how he’ll always be there for you, which is directly opposed to his comic strip’s punchline of “Marmaduke’s size causes problems”

  5. bitterandrew

    I pity the poor parent who had to listen to that on repeat, Mike.

  6. Mike Podgor

    They’re out there, somewhere, and I don’t know whether it’s a good or bad thing that there were probably more Marmaduke songs that they had to listen to endlessly. I guess at least it would offer some variety?

  7. Joe Gualtieri

    I learned to read because of books on tape, so I love them forever. I still have a holder full of my favorites. I wonder how many of those actually were by Kids Stuff?

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