Armagideon Time

Wash down

February 20th, 2019

From the deepest, blandest corner of suburbia, a cry of despair issues forth…

The mighty forces of postwar consumerism immediately spring into action, bringing rigid gender roles…

…overhyped technological improvements…

…and more avocado tones than a single person could process in a dozen lifetimes!

Together, they have the power to reshape domestic reality. Forget last year’s model —

— the truly prosperous American family prefers dining to the triumphant cacophony of a full laundry cycle, the looming threat of being crushed beneath a few hundred pounds of domestically made machinery adding an extra touch of gusto to the meal.

4 Responses to “Wash down”

  1. Thomas Currie

    My favorite thing to do when carrying a full hamper of laundry is to CLIMB A LADDER

  2. Zeno

    Jut don’t try to run the dishwasher (or take a shower) while you’re doing the laundry. That extra 200 feet of uphill pipe really takes its toll on the hot water supply.

  3. Argh!Sims

    I love it when the lamp sways during the spin cycle.

  4. Ward Hill Terry

    Where does it drain?

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