Armagideon Time

No, I shanty

February 15th, 2019

Harbor master steps out and says “the elephant seals left town”
Dolphins jump and jive, but the clownfish stuck around
Nat Geo and Cousteau, there’s seagulls in the sky
Mermaids, nymphs, silkies ask where, for and why
Gill yells, “we’re outta here, ” Shelly says, “right on”
We’re making waves and starting raves before they knew we were gone
Jumped into the launch and gripped the helm real tight
Wanna know the rest, hey, buy the rights

Prow bizarre
Prow bizarre, prow bizarre

Ooh, matey, ooh, matey
It’s making me crazy, it’s making me crazy
Every time I boat around
Every time I boat around
Every time I boat around
It’s in my wake
It’s in my wake

One Response to “No, I shanty”

  1. Ward Hill Terry

    That is magnificent.

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