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April 27th, 2009

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So the Third Horseman is currently out strutting his stuff,  by way of a hybridized Swine Flu steeplechase that kicked off in Mexico and has since spread to all corners of the globe.  Interesting times, indeed, though the full impact — managable tragedy or global catastrophe — remains to be seen.

In order to get myself into the right apocalyptic mindset for the coming pandemic, I decided to do a little Wikipedia research about the global influenza epidemic of 1918, in which a similarly virulent and deadly strain of the disease racked up a death toll in the tens of millions.

Wikipedia being what it is, the article not only lists the real-life persons of note who were stricken by the disease, but the fictional victims as well…

Serious-minded scholars may cringe at the inclusion of such fluff, but do (biologically and/or psychologically) teenage girls daydream about Randolph Bourne or Yakov Sverdlof?

I will say that my first thought upon seeing the reference to the Twilight series’ resident abusive dreamboat was this line from the more pedestrian (that is, “non-fictional”) part of the article:

In others, the flu caused frequent loss of bowel control and the victim would die from losing critical intestinal lining and blood loss.

Romance, thy name is bloody flux.

Recommended listening:  Anthrax – Among the Living (from Among the Living, 1987)


There are certain things one never manages to outgrow.

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